Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marilyn Monroe By Bert Stern @ Galeria Estação - São Paulo

For three days in 1962 photographer Bert Stern shot one of cinema's biggest and most enigmatic icons - Marilyn Monroe - in a Los Angeles hotel suite. Unknow to both at the time this was going to be Marilyn's last photo sitting and perhaps one of her most revealing, where she shed her clothing to reveal more than mere flesh. Even after more than 45 years after her death she is still revered as Hollywood's larger-than-life screen goddess, who was unafraid to expose her vulnerability to Stern's camera, surgical scar and all.
Now at São Paulo's Galeria Estação you can view this complete sitting in the show titled "Marilyn Monroe - O Mito (The Myth)". The exhibit goes from January 26th to March 16th and if you happen to be visiting Brazil's largest city you shouldn't miss it.

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