Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Little-Pumpkins' Top 10 Posts of 2007

It seems like yesterday that I started blogging away about whatever comes to mind and Little-Pumpkins was created. I always enjoyed reading other people's blogs, often commenting on cool articles and even submitting unsolicited post ideas to my favorite ones. Sometimes they would get picked up, sometimes not. Then one day I thought to myself, why not do my own blog, with my ideas, aesthetics and what-nots? If I thought something was cool maybe I'd find other people that felt the same way. And that's the Little-Pumpkins story! Touching story, no?
So after a few months of blogging, something that I do for love (clearly not money), I am amazed of how some stories really generate traffic to the site. The one thing in common that my top 10 posts have is the titillating idea of sex. I realized early on that anything that suggested nudity or sex, specially when combined with "celebrity" was a sure traffic booster, not that I do that gratuitously. Little-Pumpkins is not a gossip blog, as there are already way too many sites re-heating the same lame stories and that's just not my bag. When I do post celebrity pictures is because there is something more to it (in my mind) than just Paris sporting a new dress or Lindsay toting a new boyfriend around. Maybe it's a cool photo spread, or a magazine cover that came out great (or not) or just someone I admire for whatever reason. This is not a "sex" blog either, posting nudie pictures just so horny teenagers and bald middle-aged men can get their kicks. If I see a sexy image I like, and that's so subjective to taste and opinion, why not post it if there is a context? I keep the blog somewhat SFW because I believe the allusion to sex & nudity far more appealing than the explicit debauchery, that is so readily available online. Trust me, I am no prude! ;-)
So to make a long story short here are the 10 most click-generating posts of 2007 at Little-Pumpkins, via direct links or Web searches:

#10 - Heidi Klum @ Max Magazine - 584 clicks - Posted Nov/27/07

The Project Runway presenter bared all in this spread at German's Max Magazine and people were anxious to see it.

#09 - Tom Ford Nude - 654 clicks - Posted Oct/10/07

That was a "hidden" post showing Mr Ford's booty and was linked to another post coming up on the list. I made it a separate link for the NSFW crowd.

#08 - Jesus Stencil Art - 664 clicks - Posted

Besides being a cool image the story was picked up by the very popular Andrew Sullivan's blog and that gave us a big boost. Thanks again Andrew!

#07 - Ms Olympia 2007 - 774 clicks - Posted Oct/03/07

This one actually surprised me with the traffic it generated considering that it was not necessarily very original material but I guess photos of muscle-y girls in bikinis always have their appeal.

#06 - The Pin-Up Art Of Bill Ward - 788 clicks - Posted Oct/25/07

This is actually one of my favorites as you might already know that I love anything pin-up related. I found the images online while researching something else and I am glad that other people liked them too.

#05 - Ricky Martin Tattoos - 791 clicks - Posted Oct/07/07

Mr. Puerto Rico's tattoos rilled a couple of commenters with this misspelled tattoo and faux-Buddhist leanings. I just thought the picture was hot, so I posted it.

#04 - New Tom Ford Ad By Terry Richardson - 1,025 clicks - Posted Sep/24/07

#03 - Tom Ford's Naked Photo @ Out Magazine - 1,223 clicks - Posted Oct/10/07

#02 - Tom Ford's Forbidden Ad By Terry Richardson - 1,385 clicks - Posted Oct/12/07

This is the fourth appearance of Mr Ford on my Top 10 list and that makes him a very intriguing person, or people just want to see his ass. He is a provocateur who knows very well that sex sells and he's not shy about using it on his risque ad campaigns.

#01 - Naked Britney Spears Figurine - 9,220 clicks - Posted Dec/13/07

Wow, that was a shocker for me!! Almost 10,000 people clicked to see Britney Spears' little plastic cha-cha and that was huge for the blog. The story was picked up by several sites around the world and in 2 weeks Little-pumpkins was flooded with new traffic and readers. I found the images when doing another story on toys (that I love) and had to post them. Thanks Britney!


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