Friday, January 18, 2008

No Golden Globes? AVN Awards Will Be!

So no Golden Globes this year. No red carpet, no celebrities, no gowns... Because of the on-going writer's strike Hollywood might suffer another big loss soon: the much anticipated Academy Awards - or The Oscars - might not take place this year.
But don't be sad just because you didn't get to see Kiera Knightley in Chanel or Charlize Theron in Dior! The AVN - Adult Video News - Awards just supplied enough "stars-in-gowns" to sate your fashion addiction until this damn strike is finally over. OK, they are not really "stars" of the same caliber of Angelina, Halle or Renee but they are stars in the (dirty) mind of many fans too. Sure they do porn and their scripts do not require a lot of memorizing. Actually they don't even need to go to acting school as they immediately graduate to porn-star, not requiring to pay their dues as a porn-actress first. The fashion choices range from demure to slutty to super-slutty and somehow I could see some of the more sparkly gowns on the Daytime Emmy's or the Country Music Awards too.
My favorite brunet beauty is Tera Patrick (top 2 pictures) in her satin lace-up front dress, just a gorgeous girl. Jenna Jameson is looking scarier every time she shows up in the press lately. She is just loosing too much weight, looking haggard and definitely not too pretty. I actually like her leopard-print dress but I would have nixed the train she's dragging behind her. Mary Carey is one kooky-kook girl and I love her for that. Her black dress is a so-so choice but it's her personality that makes her so fun to watch and FYI, I never watched any of her other "work". She's currently on American TV in VH1's "Celebrity Rehab", that - you guessed - is about C-list celebs facing their addiction problems. In the first episode she tried to smuggle dildos and porn tapes into the facility! Her fellow rehab pals include Brigitte Nielsen, Joanie Laurer (ex-wrestler Chyna), a Baldwin brother and American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra, among others. Needless to say I had to watch the second episode last night too, that was not about giggles this the time as reality can also be very sad to watch.

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