Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Universal Studios Orlando

Say what you may but I had a blast during my Orlando theme park excursion. These images are all from Islands of Adventure, a connected park next to Universal Studios Orlando. Some of you may pooh-pooh it by saying it's cheesy/infantile/plebeian but the kid-in-me loved every minute of it. I was awed by all the graphics and the store & restaurant displays they had inside the park and you can guess that it's all very cartoon-based, Marvel meets Sunday comics, times 10!
The park has some amazing (and scary) rides as expected and today's new technologies makes them even more believable and exhilarating. The 4-D effects of rides like Spider Man, where you experience the feeling of a real roller-coaster thrill, wearing 3-D glasses in front of giant digital screens, startling you with strong gusts of wind , fiery heat and water sprays are too complex to explain. I really loved it!

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