Sunday, September 30, 2007

Madonna Nominated For Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

Now, over ten albums later, Goddess Madonna’s been nominated for a slot in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. And she’s hardly the only gay icon:
Madonna, the Beastie Boys, the Dave Clark Five, Leonard Cohen, Afrika Bambaataa, John Mellencamp, the Ventures, Donna Summer and Chic have been nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year.
Five acts will make it into the Hall of Fame in 2008. Madonna and the Beastie Boys are on the ballot on their first year of eligibility; this year’s nominees had to release their first single no later than 1982, the year that Madonna’s “Everybody” and the Beasties’ punk EP Polly Wog Stew came out. The other first-time nominees are Cohen, Bambaataa, Summer and the Ventures.

You Know You Are a Ho When


When people say "Ho, Ho, Ho" and it's July.
Your baby looks familiar, who?
You become a Vaseline spokesperson.
You go through a Sealy mattress a week.
Frederik (of Hollywood) actually comes to your door himself...just to see where 1/2 of his orders go.
When you don't know "What's his name?"
When they change your phone # to 976.
Tetracycline is your best friend.
McDonald's calls you "The Happy Meal".
Changing your sheets comes more than once a day.
When they call you "Shazam" and they don't mean the money machine!
When getting dressed is not part of your day.
Your day starts and ends by rolling over.
When your screams are heard over a fire alarm.
When you're wearing more latex than spandex.
When your ceiling mirrors fog.
When the Marine Corps does recruitment outside your door.
When you have a neon sign saying "open all night".
You want to have your name changed to Misty.
Madonna comes to you for pointers.
You start to think of yourself as Smurfette.
You haven't seen your floor in a week.
When sunlight scares you.
When your favorite quote is "next please".
When Guinness Book starts calling.
When every song reminds you of someone...but who?
When everyone is refers to you as "dear" and "honey".
When he doesn't even have to buy you a drink.
When Holiday Inn is coming after you for their linen.
Motel 6 signals you in with runway lights.
The only place you haven't had sex is on the moon.
When a men's prison becomes a vacation "hot spot"
When the Red Cross turns their head at you.
When you and your cat have the same tongue consistency.
When other women begin to call you "Man's Best Friend".
You and Prince have already made 3 records.
When the neighbors want you to install a drive up window.
You've been a dancer in a hip-hop video.
Wonder where Britney goes for waxing.
You think Mariah Carey dresses "cute".
When you already own the outfit below in 3 different colors.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Gucci Perfume Ad by David Lynch

This is the new Gucci by Gucci perfume ad shot by Hollywood director David Lynch. The surrealist creator of Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks adds his kooky views now towards fragrance sales, for Gucci's first ever TV ad. Brazilian supermodel Raquel Zimmerman, along Natasha Poly and Freja Beha Erichsen were the hand picked beauties to star in G by G film and ad campaign. The ad will run in Europe from late October on. But all I can think of is "These girls have no rhythm!", as they sway away out of beat to Blondie's Heart of Glass.

Via Vogue UK

Annie Lennox @ HX Magazine

Goddess Annie Lennox is the cover interview of NYC's HX Magazine. She just looks ageless and ever gorgeous in her pink ensemble. Her new album "Songs of Mass Destruction" comes out on October 2 and I just can't wait to get my hands on it!!

Amir Khan @ Got Milk UK

British professional boxer Amir Khan is the new poster boy for the Got Milk campaign in the UK. He also happens to be the International Boxing Federation's inter-continental light welterweight champion. Not bad...
I MUST cut down all carbs - NOW!

Miscellaneous Images - Volume One

I've been amassing way too many interesting images lately, as I always have my little Sonny camera on me when I am out & about. I have to say that I've been "rediscovering" Rio de Janeiro - and Brazilian culture in general - after so many years living abroad. Maybe I see the city with a tourist's perspective now or simply just am photo obsessed, not sure. These pictures here are a few (of many) that I keep around looking for the right post to use it in. As the "right post" may not show up anytime soon I decided to group them in "miscellaneous" and publish them anyway. All of these were shot here in Rio, mainly downtown and in Ipanema, and they illustrate a bit of my current experience here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Woofer Speaker System

These slightly creepy speakers are actually growing on me, in a Salvador Dali kind of way. Maybe because I am a dog owner the idea of a decapitated Toto in my living room can be a little icky but the Damien Hirst in me says "Yeah, baby!" The setup includes two 20-inch tall headless pooches, each sporting co-axial speakers. Take your pick from white or black dogs. Don't you love the name, Woofer?

It's available at Generate - US$899.00 for the pair

You May Quote Me On That: Anais Nin

"Anxiety is love's greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic."

Anais Nin

The Work of Patrick Nagel

Patrick Nagel embodies the look of 1980's America. It's hard not to look of his images and not envision the times of Miami Vice and leg-warmers. His pin-ups were super glamazons, ready to devour you, full of power and not afraid to face the Gordon Gekko-Wall Street years.
Nagel first put his talents to work as a freelance artist in 1971 and by 1976 hebegan contributing regularly to Playboy, which extended the exposure and popularity of "the Nagel Woman" to a huge and loyal audience. In 1978, he created his first poster image for Mirage Editions. He also painted the cover of rock group Duran Duran's Rio album, which became the number one album in the world. The feeling of Nagel's work is reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints as well as of Art Deco styling, yet it is completely contemporary and universal in appeal. Starting from a photograph, he would create a simplified drawing, the translate the drawing to a painting. Bold, dark lines shape perspective out of flat, cool colours and stark white spaces; the result is what some have described as "fantasy realism." Patrick Nagel died of a heart attack in 1984 at the age of 38.

Sao Conrado Beach @ 7:52 AM Today

I shot this gorgeous picture of hazy Sao Conrado Beach this morning around 7:52 AM. The very peaceful image of an empty beach in the early ours of the day... Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mario Lopez @ Santa Monica Beach

Some inspirational images of actor Mario Lopez, running on Santa Monica Beach, in California. My friend Marty from LA sent me this link today and I realize that I need to cut down my carb intake ASAP. Might as well well cut down the sugar too. Note to self: purchase new pair of running shoes. NTS 2: Actually wear them for running.

Girl! Girl! Girl! by Yuko Odawara

Great kawaii illustration site "Girl! Girl! Girl!", that is - you guessed it - about girls! I love the whole minimalist Asian aesthetic in illustration artist Yuko Odawara's drawing style. Very fashionable, stylish design. Yuko's work is quite characteristic, due to the vivid colouring and elegant lines, combined with fashion textures, prints and cloth samples. Too bad that the site is written in Japanese so I cannot tell you too much more about the artist besides that her work is geared mainly at advertising, editorials and web contents. Kudos anyway!

Click here to see more

Heidi Klum @ Jordache Jeans

Heidi Klum is on the new Jordache Jeans campaign looking a bit too photoshopped for my taste. The top image looks like her head was attached to someone else's body. Even her bum looks fake, as if she was wearing padded panties or something. I probably won't even talk about the boobs & tummy because she just had another baby not that long ago, and those were worked on for sure. I actually do like Heidi Klum a lot and Project Runway is certainly my favorite reality TV show. I will give her kudos for the daring ad anyway because going topless to sell K-Mart quality jeans does take some courage. Well, she did not do this for free, right? But nowadays with all this digital manipulation no celebrity looks real anymore, specially when their image is used in fashion/beauty ads. Remember those crazy Jennifer Lopez ads for Louis Vuitton when she looked like an alien? That was probably the worst high-fashion campaign in years!

Click images to enlarge.

Perrier By Paul & Joe

This is the newest limited-edition Perrier line by French label Paul & Joe and will be available from October 07 to January 08 only. The chic vintage-inspired motifs will also be seen on Perrier sparkling-water bottles designed for the Fall/Winter 2008 collections launch in Europe.
Just for sparkling people!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vivienne Westwood @ Palazzo Reale - Milan

British designer Vivienne Westwood's first official collection was in 1981, during London's Fashion week. Since then her collections have been the fountain of inspiration for countless other designers, by adapting her original punk/new romantic/sartorial ideas into every day fashions. Many people may credit Gaultier as the underwear-as-outerwear originator but Westwood had lime-green satin bras worn over white T-shirts in her fashion shows all the way back to her earlier collections. Along Malcolm McLaren, she invented the punk rock look, famously dressing the Sex Pistols in the late 70's. Nowadays she keeps an eye in tradition, exploring Saville Row, Scottish tartan country plaids & Victorian patterns, but unafraid of the frayed hems and torn seams of her punk past.
Starts today at Palazzo Reale in Milan, Queen Viv's retrospective spanning over 30 years of her influential fashion career. Launched in the 2004 at the London Victoria & Albert Museum, the exhibition is the largest display the museum ever dedicated to a British designer. The Retrospective features designs selected from both the V&A’s collections and Vivienne Westwood’s personal archive. The Palazzo Reale in Milan is the only Italian venue and is the climax of a tour that in four years has visited nine European, Asian, American and Pacific venues. The work encompasses styles from the street fashion of the 70’s to grand ball gowns influenced by historical art and dresses, to the more recent exploration of pattern-cutting techniques and socio-political critic.Film and catwalk footage on Vivienne Westwood’s life and career will be shown throughout the exhibition.
From September 26 2007 to January 20 2008. Via Style.It

Cool Shop in Rio - Alessa

I was in a cab last week, going through Rua Nascimento Silva in Ipanema, when I spotted this really cool place that I wasn't even sure what it was. Maybe an architectural firm or a design studio? I had to find out and went there a couple of days later to check it out. It's belongs to Alessa - a women's clothing label and fashion atelier - by designer Alessandra Migani . Birds of all shapes, sizes and hailing from all continents decorate the facade of their shop and the effect is awe-striking. They are decals that were individually applied to the outside wall, forming a breath-taking collage of pheasants, peacocks, parrots and eagles. Birds were also the inspiration for Alessa's Spring/Summer 2008 collection, featured in many of their new runway pieces.

This is surely one of my favorite shop designs in Rio!