Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wonder Woman, Anyone?

If you guys only knew how much stuff I've accumulated through the years... I wouldn't call myself a "pack rat" as I do have a very specific idea of what I enjoy collecting and saving, but you get to a point that all this stuff weighs you down. I keep waiting for the day that I will be able to have all my collections displayed in beautiful vitrines but that days does not seem to be around the corner. I have boxes and more boxes filled with collectable toys, most MIB (mint in box) or NRFB (never removed from box) and a lot of loose items like the ones I am starting to unload on Ebay. I've collected toys for as long as I can remember. I am mainly interested in TV and movie related toys, specially action figures and celebrity dolls, but I also enjoy many other "cluster" groups that are too many to enumerate here. As you get older your tastes change and I'd rather focus on more important things than "stuff" put away in storage boxes that I never get to see.
So if anyone is interested in acquiring a "loose" Mego 1976 Wonder Woman doll I have 3 for sale on Ebay. I realized that I really didn't need 4 WW dolls (the 4th one is MIB and not on Ebay yet) so I decided to make other people happy too. There is also a Diana Prince loose uniform that already got 2 bids as of today, and I'll be putting more stuff up for sale by the weekend. I am selling them for less than what I paid for but this is no time to get greedy, as I've bought & sold enough via Ebay through the years and have gotten plenty of amazing deals.
Happy bidding!

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