Wednesday, April 30, 2008

People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful: Kate Hudson??

It all started going down hill when Matt Damon was chosen Sexiest Man Alive in 2007. Now People Magazine - the epitome of common sense & good taste (not!) - chooses Kate Hudson to grace the cover of their annual "100 Most Beautiful" issue. C'mon, Kate Hudson? She is alright looking but in no way worthy of the such privilege - and being on People's cover surely ain't one. Besides being a so-so actress, that if wasn't for her lineage would NEVER have gotten the foot in the door, she is just very...average. That's it, she is average. She is not a drop-dead gorgeous stunner like let's say Adriana Lima or an exotic beauty like Mila Kunis. She is just Goldie Hawn's daughter - plain and simple - and the only reason why she made the cover. Am I wrong?
My suggestions? Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Heigl, Kristen Bell, Salma Hayek, Hillary Swank, Angelina Jolie, Kristin Davis, Gabrielle Union, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and the list goes on...

Attack Of The Guidos

I am not too sure where to start... The hair gel? The eyebrows? The fake tan? The cheap International Male wardrobe? The pout?
The Guido is an American institution born in New Jersey in the mid 90's. It has spread across the country and seems that won't go away. The Gotti kids are their poster boys and there are many sites that proclaim love to all things Guido. Even at my gym here in Florida I spotted 3 Guidos just last night - dead serious! You don't actually need to know them to hate them. The whole Guido-Stance (pout + squinty eye) is too Zoolander to be taken seriously but still I wouldn't want to hang with them - ever! Their whole look seems like a diluted version of discarded gay fashions and trends from the past decade - and probably unbeknown to their macho fronts - they look SO gay!

Flowerella by Kenny Scharf love this Kenny Scarf vase! This very cool resin sculptural flower-holder is about 12” h x 9” l x 8” w and retails for US$300.00. It is available at Cerealart and it's part of an edition of 250 units - très collectable!
I've been a fan of Kenny Scharf's work since the mid-80's and proudly own a copy of The B-52's 1986 album (in vinyl) "Bouncing Off The Satelites" - artwork by "you guess who" - the closest I will ever get to one of his original oeuvres...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suggestive Vintage French Postcards

The dog is mad because he smells ass...

What is she holding on that tray?? Is that what I think it is??

Your granny-panties will you if you drink too much wine in France...

...he loves my ass, he loves it not...

This card is very "subtle" but you get the idea...

It looks to me like two guys getting some "Brokeback Mountain" alone-time....

You are supposed to pick what you'd like to do together, like a prayer, a poem, make love or make babies. Tough choices...but I pick the sex one!

The Girl From Ipanema - 1965

This 1965 video shows Brazilian singer/composer Tom Jobim singing his classic "Girl From Ipanema" alongside American pop singer Andy Williams. Besides the obvious retro charm of Andy Williams' "Lost In Space" sweater this is just a joy to watch and listen to. I love all these mellow Bossa Nova rhythms and being Brazilian-born myself it also brings back some great childhood flashbacks... Love it!

Monday, April 28, 2008

More Dita Von Teese @ Cointreau - The Performance

A good day is a Dita Von Teese day!
Savour the deliciously "Cointreauversial" burlesque bomshell performing her signature martini-glass-routine, specially edited for the Cointreau event in NYC last week. 500 party revelers sipped Cointreaupolitans and Cointreau Margaritas before being treated to the highlight of the night, the reveal of the "Be Cointreauversial Show". Strutting on stage in her crystal-encrusted costume, designed by Catherine D’Lish (made of 350,000 Swarovski crystals and weighing approximately 75 pounds) she posed and pranced before plunging into her giant martini glass.
I wish I had been there!!

Elvis Bath Robe

When we think of the "King" many of us remember the unforgettable white "American Eagle" jumpsuit designed by Gene Doucette that he famously wore during his Aloha from Hawaii music concert. The show was broadcast live via satellite around the world on January 14, 1973. Over 1 billion people around the world watched and it was the first concert of it's kind!
The Suit has become the preferred outfit of Elvis tribute acts and impersonators the world over. But If you're not a Elvis tribute act yet fancy stepping into the shoes of the King from time to time, the Elvis Bath Robe is a great compromise between Elvis style and practicality . Now you can emulate the King of Rock and Roll in this awesome dressing gown based on the design of the original 'American Eagle Jumpsuit'.
One size fits most - Elvis Presley Bath Robe - £49.95

Available at PrezzyBox

Julianne Moore @ Vogue Paris May 2008

Ageless beauty Julianne Moore looking gorgeous on the cover of the new May 2008 issue of French Vogue. The actress has been around for a while but only seems to get more beautiful each time I see her. She has the type of career that has to be the envy of many Hollywood female stars as her bold choices set her way apart from the "In Style" crowd. These pictures are so sexy and clearly done for an European publication. When would you see an American Vogue cover looking this audacious? Never! The current issue of "our" Vogue brings Gwyneth Paltrow looking more like a bad wax-version of herself (they do love their Photoshop in the US) and that is quite bizarre to me and everyone else, wouldn't you say?

100 Thousand People Can't Be Wrong

Yesterday Little-Pumpkins reached the 100K visitors milestone!
The blog humbly started last August and considering that my focus isn't nudity or celebrity gossip I think L-P is doing pretty well so far. Visitor traffic is up & down, though not a major personal concern - as I stated in the past this is a "labour of love" (how sappy!) not a money-making venture. The ads on the sidebar (soon to be removed) were put there mainly as a decorative effect, but as I have no control of what pops up I am not always too happy with them.
I thank my web pals for the many links and mentions - and specially to the many hundred daily visitors. Expect many more sassy, groovy, funky posts in the future!

My best,

Pumpkin Man

Another Sex And The City - The Movie - Poster

Another Sex And The City movie poster has been unveiled and star Sarah Jessica Parker gets the prime spot - again. An earlier version had already shown Parker going solo on the streets of NYC and that could only add fuel to the fire to the many rumours of on-set feuds. The gossip trade claims that salaries, script and wardrobe choices have all been reasons for animosities among the four main stars, specially between Sarah Jessica and Kim Cattral.
If you can't wait another month for your SATC fix you can browse through some older posts about the movie (fashion, feuds, plot leaks) by clicking away.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Madonna In Wax @ Madame Tussauds

London's Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum unveiled their version of Madonna's "Hard Candy" album cover. The singer is shown in a boxing ring in a similar position as the image on the album - coming out April 29Th in the US. I am surprised that they did not go all the way to reproduce it exactly like the original photograph though if does look like the Goddess is really there in person.

Via G1

Florida's Pet & Eat

Am I the only one that finds this quite "amusing" (read: fucked up) that KFC actually sponsors "Poutry Tents" - a kind of petting zoo for farm birds like chickens, ducks and turkeys? Isn't KFC on Peta's "most wanted list" for cruelty to animals? I took these shots at a fair-type event a few weeks ago btw.

Then you walk a few feet away and come across a stall selling - what else - but giant turkey drumsticks!?

Oh, how cute! Racing pigs!! I love those cuddly chubby racing piglets!!

Oh, wait a minute! You can eat them too!

More Retro Beauty Ads - When One Girl Is Not Enough

If one Veruschka-clone is not enough bring in a couple of girls and make it a trio or a four-way or an orgy of wild manes and fierce looking pouts for maximum effect. A few more images of retro glamour for your enjoyment...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amazing Swimming Statue In London

Too bad he is not wearing a Speedo...

Images via CFP