Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tom Ford's Naked Photo @ OUT Magazine

Tom Ford is the coverboy of new issue of OUT Magazine and he exposes more than his opinions in it's pages. In a boxing-themed photo shoot by bad-boy photographer Terry Richardson, the ex-Gucci front man appears au naturel in a shower scene next to two young men, with his glorious backside in full view. Tom is slapping one of the guy's equally naked ass with a towel. How cheeky!
Tom also has a few of his two-cents to share:

On being gay
"I have to say that I don't think gay is the most attractive word; If I were art-directing the creation of a word that would describe homosexuals, I think I would have tried to find another one. Gay makes us sound silly and frivolous, which is probably where it came from originally - it was first used in a Cole Porter song in the '30s - and I think it was probably a bit derogatory, and so it's not a word I necessarily like, but it's what I am, whatever."

On women:
"I love women, I just don't fall in love with them, but I'm attracted to them, I find their bodies beautiful, and I can relate to them as the persued, because of course as a gay man you understand what it's like to be taken - to be an object to your partner - as well as what it's like to be the aggressor."

Click here to view Mr. Ford's white booty - Warning- NSFW


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