Friday, November 23, 2007

The Comeback: Katharine Hamnett Slogan Tees

What is old is new again and British designer Katherine Hamnett seems to know that better than most. In the 80's her bold-lettered over-sized logo-ed political T-shirts were a must have staple. Do you remember "Frankie Say War"? Hamnet caused a commotion in the early 80's when meeting with then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wearing her own t-shirt with the slogan "58% DON'T WANT PERSHING", a reference to polls showing public opposition in the United Kingdom against the basing of United States nuclear weapons on Pershing missiles.
She is now re-issuing her classic & timeless slogan tees, at a moment when 80's nostalgia and environmental issues are at peak, on her cool website. The tees are 100% organic cotton and styles range from 1983's Choose Life to 2006's Bring Back God. My favorite might be 1989's Clean Up Or Die, as it couldn't be more au-courant when recycling and pollution should be in everyone's agenda. Love it!

They are £ 40.00 each and available at Katharine Hamnett

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