Monday, November 26, 2007

Faux 80's Video Game Commercial Contest

My good friend Marty sent me his oh-so-cool entry for Ziddio's faux 80's video game commercial contest and I just love it!! The challenge was to create a commercial for a fake video game that would have come out in the '80s. Contestants had to combine the provided music with video that they shot and edit it all together. The winning video will be showcased on G4's Attack of the Show. Also the creator of the winning video will receive "Live Free or Die Hard" on DVD, "Rock Band" for your game system of choice, a Drum Throne, Guitar Stand and be eligible for Ziddio's huge User Created grand prize! Attack of the Show is TV's "Only Source For All the Stuff You Care About" or so they claim. AOTS is a daily, live television show on G4 that covers video games, technology, movies, the Internet and all things pop culture every weeknight at 7pm. G4 is the one destination on television that feeds geeks' addiction for the latest must-have tech gadgets, web culture and video games.
Check out Marty's video and vote for his commercial that I think is hilarious!

To watch more videos go to Ziddio

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