Sunday, November 25, 2007

Viktor & Rolf Join The It-Bag Circus

The women who inhabit the collections of Dutch design team of Viktor & Rolf have had a lot of fantastical getups to choose from over the past decade, but until Spring/Summer 2008 they haven't had a single handbag to call their own. In stores early next year is a capsule collection of purses in the understated couture style that has become the duo's signature. Designs are kept spare and neat, with details that incorporate V&R emblems like the logo seal, the bow, and the Flowerbomb diamond shape. And each style has a name derived from the idea that they might all have a conversation together (the black patent "How are you" bag and the pink satin "Good evening" clutch, for example)—when they're not serving as conversation pieces on their own.

For info go to Viktor & Rolf's website.

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