Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kidnap Madonna For Drug Money

I just went ga-ga over this T-shirt by Mishka I saw online the other day. How can it be more brilliant? Kidnap Madonna For Drug Money! LOVE IT!!
A little background on the label: based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mishka is a street wear brand that references any and all things the creators have been inspired by: The underground punk/ hardcore/post-hardcore & skate scene’s of the 80’s, heavy metal & indie rock, horror, comics, B-movies and pop culture in general. In addition, Mishka embraces emerging artists and works closely with them on unique graphic concepts. In Russian, Mishka [pronounced: mee-shka] means “bear cub”. Bear cubs in general are intelligent, independent and gentle, but anger one and it’ll tear your face off! Mikhail Bortnik and Gregory Rivera established the brand in 2003 and gave the word a new meaning by creating what is one of the most coveted underground street wear labels around.

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Lucas Penido said...

Hahah...essa camisa é sensacional, né? Obrigado por sempre nos promover! Estamos juntos! Abração!