Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Plastic Fantastic Furniture

The Plastic-Fantastic series is a uniquely-styled in and outdoor furniture collection which has been treated with a special rubber coating- and it can be delivered in a variety of colors. Each piece is unique and is restored and conditioned at a very high level before being threaded with the coating. The series is designed to resist all weather conditions, and can easily be used as garden furniture! The Plastic Fantastic range will include chairs, sofas, fauteuiles, tables, closets etc. Prices start around US$980.00.
I love the concept of being able to leave these pieces outdoors, though the prices are a bit salty to let them weather away. Philippe Stark has developed a similar look for patio furniture in the past but it wasn't exactly cushy and it's texture got to feel grimy after a while. Wonder how comfortable these really are... They do look great!

Available through Designfront

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