Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Resurrection Of The Fendi Baguette

There was a time when the bag didn't rule the luxury market or take up a full page of every double-spread ad. Ten years ago, the Fendi Baguette changed the name of the game, igniting an It-bag craze that still spirals to newer heights every season. To celebrate the anniversary of the bag, Karl Lagerfeld brought it back onto the runway of the Spring/Summer 2008 Fendi show. The Baguette version 2008 is three times its original size, sans handle, and carried scrunched up in one hand or in the crook of an arm. The Fendi atelier also amplifies the detail and technique in the new outsized Baguette with woven leather, mini patchwork dots of mink, and lunatic multicolored fringe—often all at once. The options are seemingly endless, which is probably why the Baguette story never grows old.

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