Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Julian Opie @ Aventura Mall

As a brand-new Florida resident, I've been exploring my surroundings to get acquainted with what's out there. I was at Aventura Mall the other day, literally killing time, waiting for a friend's ride to pick me up. I decided to stroll around to check out what's there and at first glance it just seemed like any big American mall chock-full of chain stores and a very noisy food court. To my delight and utter surprise I spotted these two digital sculptures by British artist Julian Opie, whom I covered recently here at Little-Pumpkins. I am still not sure what they were doing there as there were no plaques or signs stating the purpose of the displays. Were they on loan or a permanent purchase? It kind of baffled me that they were there, lost amidst Banana Republic and an under-construction Christmas village. I must say that they worked perfectly with the passing traffic of strolling shoppers, as the displays perfectly mimicked their hurried struts, though not quite as runway-model like as his svelte female figures.

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Aretha said...

What an original work! In a mall? Funny