Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rihanna Gets a Spanking @ GQ

Barbados stunner Rihanna is one GORGEOUS woman and she is not shy about showing off the goods in a kinky GQ spread. She gets a good spanking from some guy - Robin Thicke - that is also a fellow singer. I must live under a rock but I have no clue who he is... Maybe I've heard his song in the radio but the name didn't stick. Getting back to Rihanna, she is wearing some delicious outfits Cavalli, D2 Squared, D&G and Luis Vuitton, but my favorite is the gold Tomas Maier bathing suit on the photo below. HOT!

Via GQ

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David said...

Alan Thicke's kid, (his dad was the TV sitcom actor from Canada with the DUI problems, lol)ghu