Monday, November 19, 2007

Yohji Yamamoto For Mikimoto

When the revolutionary of women’s prêt-a-porter and a 114-year-old Japanese jewellery house collide, the outcome was destined to be a tempestuous affair. So it comes as no surprise that the jewellery range resulting from the collaboration between Japan’s forward-thinking designer Yohji Yamamoto and luxury pearl designers Mikimoto should be entitled 'Stormy Weather'.
The 29-piece line is a combination of innovative designs that evoke the atmosphere of rough waters and stormy skies. Yamamoto is no stranger to collaboration, already having worked successfully with Mandarina Duck and Adidas, and has connected with Mikimoto’s ethos of feminine beauty to create pieces filled with a truly romantic sensibility.
Together these two design giants, both synonymous with Japanese culture, have crafted three themes within the range; Moon, Drop and Le Cri. All feature stunning Mikimoto pearls, ranging from striking white to the deepest black, to create a dark and moody feel to the line. The Moon range draws influence from the lunar cycle, where glittering white gold discs capture a look of luminosity. Drop sees pieces replicate turbulent oceans and Le Cri is a more conceptual design which draws upon death as its main theme with stunningly sculptured pendants that draw inspiration from Munch’s ‘The Scream’.
As a whole, the collection has the feel of fluidity with a dreamlike aura that evokes the flowing silhouettes of Yamamoto’s clothing, and in a similar way to his fashion focus, embodies a striking avant-garde spirit that is far removed from current jewellery trends.

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