Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christina Aguilera @ Marie Claire

Humm...not too sure what to make out of Christina Aguilera's new spread at Marie Claire magazine. I kind of went "eew" for a second - sorry, first reaction - because I couldn't really get the reason why she was naked, specially since she is very pregnant. Don't get me wrong! There is nothing ugly or dirty about being pregnant and most women do get that wonderful "glow" when they are "with child". I just thought to myself, why naked? The cover photo would be 10 times better if she had a bra on as I only see it as an attempt to look hot & sexy, even if with a huge baby-belly. Maybe the sexualization of pregnancy is what turns me off or reminds of cheap niche-porn, you know that kind shot in basements with senior citizens, feet fetishists, animals or bizarre sex acts. They have those with pregnant ladies too and that is just gross. Christina is talented and gorgeous and I wish she had thought twice about this choice. Demi Moore did it first, but somehow it came out classier.

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