Thursday, November 29, 2007


Woollyhoodwinks are a cuddly bunch of mischievous and loveable woodland creatures that by their nature, are pranksters of one sort or another. Recently arrived from their home in the black north forest, they have since captured the hearts of children and the imagination of adults. Each one has their own unique personality. How can you not love a quintet of squeezable pranksters with their own theme song?
They are crafted from high quality, vintage-inspired wool fabrics, detailed with sweet embroidered faces and bright plastic safety eyes. All the ‘hoodwinks are handmade, so each one is completely unique. not unlike their homes in the black north forest, each one comes snuggly packaged in it’s own ‘tree’ complete with a few surprises inside!
Woollyhoodwinks stand about 7” tall, US$30.00 each and available at Unica Home

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