Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fugly Alert: Oprah's Favorite Things

Oprah Winfrey just announced her holiday wish list on her website. Twenty hand-picked items are featured on the list and anything Oprah endorses is a guarantee best seller. Among her favorite items of 2007, that include camcorders, ice cream and panini-makers, is a specially FUGLY selection that made my jaw drop! Sample text below:

"After a long day of taping The Oprah Show, the first thing Oprah says she does backstage is change into something comfortable. Now, she's sharing her new favorite thing to lounge around in! This outfit by L.A. designer Rachel Pally is made from stretchy fabric that's both lightweight and super soft. "It barely feels like you're wearing anything!" Oprah says. The turtleneck and pants are available in sizes 2 to 24 and come in four colors—purple, navy, teal and brown. Approximate value: Swing Turtleneck $141; Sailor Pants $194"

OMG! Isn't that one of the ugliest, most un-stylish and unflattering outfits you've ever seen?? Doesn't Oprah have a single fashionable gay friend to tell her that's a BIG DON'T? Probably she is surrounded by "yes men/women" that go "Bravo!" at anything that Ms. Winfrey says or chooses. If Oprah loves it, everyone loves it! She must look horrible wearing that around the house or anywhere for that matter. It looks cheap and dated and even the tallest, skinniest woman will look 20 pounds heavier wearing that monstrosity. And it's not even affordable!! The whole ensemble will cost you US$335.00!! I need a moment to recoup now...or I might just go vomit.


Aretha said...

This is just awful, man

Lucas Penido said...

If these are her favorite things...just imagine the least favorite?! hahah...Loving the blog man!

D10S said...

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