Saturday, November 17, 2007

TimeOut's Public Eye

I was strolling in New York when I took these pictures a few weeks ago in early October. The photo shoot caught my eye and I couldn't resist the urge to butt in. I had asked the girl what were the photos for and she said it was for TimeOut magazine's street style section - Public Eye. I had totally forgotten about these and by chance I was surfing through their site and found the hipster guy that they were shooting that day (top picture). The style-picker was pretty un-stylish herself but I guess she must have a good eye for would-be-rocker-slash-artist types.

Sample dialogue:

-What do you do? I’m an art handler. And I make art, too.
-Like...? I did a lot of work revolving around remaking things, like reenactment videos of footage from public spaces.
-The word reenactment reminds me of Unsolved Mysteries and those horrible clips set to scary music. I love that stuff! Mine doesn’t have the crazy lighting or anything like that. It’s mundane, like people tying their shoes or falling off a bicycle.
-You strike me as an L rider. [Laughs] Hey!
-Where do you live? In Bushwick.
-Aha! And something tells me your facial hair is ironic. Oh, it’s definitely not. I used to have this giant curly mustache with wax and everything.But I’ve certainly seen a lot of mustaches since moving here. I figured mine had run its course when I started seeing them on American Apparel ads.
-Peter, you steal my thunder. My next snide question was going to be whether you’d consider modeling for them. [Laughs] I guess there are certain touchstones of the L rider: tattooed, ironic facial hair... modeling? I’ll do whatever pays.
-So what other kinds of art do you make? Well, I’m starting a band with my girlfriend: the Medieval Whale Song Band. We’re doing covers of medieval songs using whale song.
-Can you sing a few bars? I can’t, because I’m not a whale.
-You must be the only such band in the world. Oh, probably not. I mean, I’m sure there are other people who have, like, Renaissance whale song bands, Baroque whale song bands…and I’m sure they all ride the L train too.

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