Friday, February 15, 2008

Florida Flamingos

I finally got to see some real flamingos here in Florida, though it was at the zoo and not quite out in the wild as I had hoped. I keep seeing all these tacky touristy souvenirs with images of pink flamingos and I wonder where the hell are these birds ?!
I went to the gorgeous Palm Beach Zoo this past Sunday and was awed by the beautiful surroundings of the park, but more on that on another post. I took some pictures of the flamingo enclosure there, though I am not sure whether they are captive or not as it was an wide open area surrounded by a moat. It was a nice & sunny winter day here in Florida and a perfect day to be outside near nature. The funny thing was that three days later we had a tornado watch and a twister apparently went through some area of Fort Lauderdale.

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