Thursday, February 07, 2008

Project Runway's Wrestler Challenge

Last night's Project Runway reached a new level of cheese with their female wrestler challenge. It was all over the previews that this week was going to be about creating outfits for the divas of the WWE so no big surprise there. I actually did find this episode very interesting as this was clearly going to be a tough challenge. This was definitely not high fashion - no fabulous trip to Paris, no Sarah Jessica Parker visits - but when it comes to entertainment value the show was a blast. The remaining six designers had to create functional stage outfits for the so called divas, so it read: flashy, trashy and sexy! The ladies did look like porn star/strippers to begin with and clamored for lots of pilled on glitz, that some designers achieve better than others. Some totally missed the mark, like the bottom two here. The winning outfit by Chris was a delicious leopard hooded concoction, though Christians ode to Prince's 1999 was a very close runner-up. Rami's pink dress was totally out of place in my opinion and simply looked cheap, not that looking classy or expensive was the idea here. Jillian's all-American racing stripe look was also adorable and quite sexy, with it's interweaving straps reaching all the way down the diva's booty shorts. Sweet P's outfit was a silver fiasco that looked like it could be bought at any clubby record store. She was designing for WWE's reigning champ, a voluptuous woman full of personality and pizzazz and all she delivered was this cheap nightgown. So dull. The orange bathing-suit was Ricky's and with all justice he deserved to be auff'ed at the end. He had no range and after so many times in the bottom three it was his long awaited time to go.

I feel that Project Runway is just heating up now that there are only five designers left competing to show on Bryant Park. The episodes will linger longer on their individual personalities, the execution of the garments and their runway presentations. I like to be able to really hear in detail what the judges' opinions are and with 12 designers it was just a quick skim over. My bets are on Christian, Rami and Jillian as the top three and probably Christian getting the win. Sweet P and Chris are not Fashion Week material for what I have seen so far and doubt they will be serious contenders, but what do I know?

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David Dust said...

Buh-bye Ricky!

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