Friday, February 22, 2008

Utopia By Jonathan Adler

I just love everything Jonathan Adler. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in person twice in the past and he is just as nice as you would imagine a designer that concocts such smile-inducing follies would be. So there is no doubt that his personality comes across in his creations as well, full of fun and whimsy, a dash of nostalgia and a pinch of kitsch. His Utopia series doll head mugs, teapot and sugar & creamer set are so adorably camp that are capable to cheer up even the grayest winter morning. Also great for when you entertain your friends to a home-made Sunday brunch or just wonderful to sip some hot cocoa in front of the telly after work. I do own a few Jonathan Adler originals in my Pumpkin Mansion and also love visiting his colorful shops in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Mr. Adler is also the host of "Top Design" on Bravo and I was on cloud nine when I read that season 2 is in the works.

Teapot US$95.00, Mug US$24.00 and Sugar & Creamer Set US$88.00

All available at Barney's

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Rox said...

OMG I love that line!!!! I am just decorating my home but I am sure that most of my stuff will come form JA's shop. The pitcher is my fave!