Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Theme & Variation

I haven't done any of my Theme & Variation posts in quite a while, but my recent explorations around South Florida have lit up my "frustrated photographer" flame again. As I've said here before I am very attracted to clusters of colorful objects and things, specially when of a similar sort. I love store displays with mountains of eye catching colors, piles of plastic toys and the what-nots. I am sure this was embedded in me way back in my childhood and I haven't recovered yet, hence the Pumpkin Mansion. Here are a few more images of the tacky-licious South Florida Fair, that still will render a few more posts as I was very camera-happy that day. The fair itself was a one-time deal for me, foolishly thinking that would be something way cooler than it was: a white trash grease-fest where carnival folk lacked front teeth, if you get the drift. The teeth part is not a joke by the way. The day kinda of sucked but the pictures made my afternoon worth it.

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