Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hookers For Jesus

Hookers for Jesus is a nondenominational, faith-based organization reaching out to men and women who are currently associated with or working as prostitutes, porn stars, pimps, and exotic dancers. Their vision includes promoting spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness in the lives of those who have been affected by sexual trauma and related forms of abuse in the adult entertainment industry. Founder Annie Lobért, an ex-sex worker herself, states on the website's mission and purpose:
"Our efforts include loving and accepting men and women REGARDLESS of their past or current lifestyle and encouraging them to achieve their FULL potential! There will be no judgement. It is our heart’s desire that our friends that are working as sex workers would be released from their past and healed through a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ. To that end, we are committed to going wherever God leads us in order to bring those that are in this lifestyle. Whether it be in the casinos, the street, the escort services, the strip clubs, the night clubs … we are willing to go where no one has gone before to let them know that God loves them no matter what."
Lobért's touching testimonial unveils the darker side of the so called "high class call girls" and her own tortured upbringing and descent into prostitution. You can also purchase Hooker For Jesus T-shirts and tank tops for US$25.00 each at their online store.

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