Saturday, February 23, 2008

Veteran's Monument - Rio de Janeiro

I spent most of 2007 in Rio de Janeiro visiting with my folks. As I had plenty of free time I also did quite a bit of sightseeing, rediscovering my home town with the eyes of a tourist. I cannot recall the last time I had been to the monument on these photos, maybe on a field trip in grade school, who knows. This has to be one of my favorite ones in Rio, in a city where there are plenty of cool places to visit. I just love the main statue style and design. Though done in the early 60's they look so modern and dare I say, sexy? A brief history for you:
The "Monumento Aos Pracinhas", located at Aterro do Flamengo in downtown Rio de Janeiro, was projected by architects Marcos Konder Neto e Hélio Ribas, whose project won a nation wide contest. It was inaugurated in 1960 and it's Brazil's first construction done in exposed concrete, a very futuristic approach for the time. This monument and museum honours the fallen Brazilian soldiers of World War II and features two lofty columns either side of the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. A changing of the guard display can be seen here on the first Sunday of every month. The monument museum displays medals, documents and military uniforms that belonged to soldiers. The ensemble consists of three main pieces: a metal sculpture by Júlio Catelli Filho, in honor of the Brazilian Air Force - or FAB, a granite sculpture by Alfredo Ceschiatti depicting air force, army and navy men in uniform and a ceramics mural by Anísio Medeiros in honor of military and civilians dead at sea (image below).
If you happen to be in Rio de Janeiro go check it out as it is a only 2 minute walk from the Museum of Modert Art in Aterro do Flamengo.

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