Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pumpkin Mansion: Kitty

This is Kitty. Kitty comes from a Diesel store display. Diesel had a collection in the mid-90's which ad campaign was all about Africa so all their shops were decorated with safari-themed displays. Sometime in my previous life I was responsible for changing the windows in one of their many shops here in the US. Whenever we received new display props and signage the previous windows had to be swapped and the majority of sets were simply discarded in the trash. I fell in love with Kitty from the get-go and couldn't fathom throwing it out in the dumpster - and never understood why no one ever claimed any displays for themselves. Kitty lives with me in Florida and keeps me company when I watch the telly in the evenings, always looking up for some affection. Kitty is made of porcelain (very Jeff Koons!) and stands at about 20" tall. The green Sperry topsiders also happen to be mine and are not a prop. I was just too lazy to move them out of the image and it just added a certain "cinema-vérité" quality to the tableau.

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