Saturday, February 02, 2008

Look Of The Week: Hair Rollers In Public

I used to work next to this hair salon in Boston where often I would see their clients smoking outside, either wrapped in tin foil or with their hair in rollers. I would recall how tacky and suburban of these ladies standing on tony Newbury Street, the Madison Avenue of Boston, sporting one of most visual offenses this side of the camel toe and muffin-tops. So I was out last weekend at the South Florida Fair, a local carnival festival where corn dogs and giant turkey legs are fine cuisine, when I spot these two beauties above. They were standing in line in one of the many artery-clogging food carts, out & proud of their soon-to-be coiffure. They were probably in some high school cheerleading team and I suppose they were going to cheer somewhere but still no excuse to make me want to wash my eyes with bleach. Why on earth anyone would want to be seen in public with rollers in their hair?? Couldn't they find a scarf large enough to hide that monstrosity from innocent public eyes?

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