Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stuffed Wacky Packs

These stuffed toys are nothing short of a stupid miracle -- they're Wacky Packs that have been lovingly enlarged and turned into Wacky Pack Pillows. If you remember Wacky Packs from your troubled youth, they're a new twist on nostalgic lunacy. If you're new to Wacky Packs, they're just plain, old funny! The style and artwork of the original Wacky Packs have been remarkably converted to 3-D form. The colors are perfect, and the artwork superb.
Each 3-D Stuffed Wacky Pack is between 5-6 inches tall and about 4 inches wide and they cost US$6.99 each . There are twelve different styles in all with precious names like:
Ratz Crackers, Slum Maid Raisins, Hawaiian Punks, Chock Full of Nuts and Bolts Coffee, Mutt's Apple Juice, Struggle Stool Softener, Krusty Krumbs Doughnuts, Suffertone Tanning Lotion and Gutterade Sports Drink. Love it!

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