Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jose Miro @ Madrid Fashion Week

Spanish designer Jose Miro brought space cowboys, aliens and interplanetary elements to the catwalks of Madrid fashion week for his Fall-Winter 2008 collection. Simply fabulous!


Erik Vermeulen said...

No, it's not fabulous!
Is this real fur?
Did you know that a lot of animals are skinned alive in China because of their fur. There is no animal welfare legislation there. And we Europeans buy it...

Here you go:

Pumpkin Man said...

I do believe that the fur here is fake, dear Erik. The whole concept of his collection was experimental use of new fabric technology. I hate fur myself and if you were familiar with my blog you would know that I am an animals advocate, pro-PETA and
find fur a very outdated (and cruel) status symbol.
Check out my PETA labels on the right side of the blog so you will know where I come from.
My best,

Pumpkin man