Monday, February 11, 2008

Go Amy Go!

I stayed up last night to watch the Grammy Awards just to be able to watch Amy Winehouse's live performance. As she was not granted an US Visa in a timely fashion she resorted to a via-satellite performance from London - and was all worth the wait because she rocked! She grabbed five of the six awards she was running for including record of the year, song of the year and best new artist. She looked very surprised with all her awards as she fumbled words thanking her family and dedicating it "To my Blake, incarcerated!" - as her hubby is serving a jail sentence for a pub brawl. Amy looked fab in her black mini-dress and trade-mark beehive and gave out a full bodied soulful voice that would impress even the Winehouse skeptics. She sang "You Know I'm No Good" and "Rehab", songs that couldn't be more right-on in regards to her troubled past months. I think she is a fantastic singer and I was all smiles watching her sing and accept her golden gramophones.

Fergie performed next to John Legend and proved she can hold a tune like the best of then. I didn't love her outfit as that long neck scarf looked too "old lady" for her.

Fabulous Rihanna also rocked the house performing with The Times in one of the opening numbers. She is just so gorgeous and talented that she can do no wrong in my eyes and she glowed on stage last night. She didn't go home empty handed though as she won for best Rap/Song Collaboration with Jay-Z for "Umbrella" .

Tina Turner and Beyonce also had an outstanding Grammy performance in their "Proud Mary" duet - one of my favorites. Tina is still as hot and energetic as in her "Private Dancer" days and exhuded her "legend-status diva" even when rocking next to one of today's hottest talents.

Kanye West gave one of those cocky acceptance speechs that made me want to throw up. I get that people should have positive images of themselves but why do some rap/hip hop artists need to be so stuck up? Thumbs down!

I was shocked to see how HUGE Aretha Franklyn has become! I know she's an older lady and all but she looked like a small planet in that horrible one-shoulder lime green dress when performing during that b-o-r-i-n-g gospel number. She is way too fat to be exposing her arms, specially on live TV. The spaghetti straps on her gown were stuck deep in the creases of her shoulder fat and that was not a pretty sight. At least she had the clue to cover up her arms at the post-Grammy party, seen above with Brandy. Aretha is a legend and deserves all r-e-s-p-e-c-t but she needs a new stylist really bad!

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