Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lee Meriwether - Catwoman At 72


Wow! I came across this picture of Lee Meriwether on TMZ this morning and couldn't believe my eyes how great she looks. She still is mostly known for playing Catwoman on the 1966 movie version of Batman, one of the campiest TV shows ever. Though she was not the original Catwoman - that would be the delicious Julie Newmar - she still makes appearances at fan conventions around the US and is beloved as the forever sexy icon. Lee Meriwether also was cast as Dr. Ann MacGregor in the sadly short-lived sci-fi TV series "The Time Tunnel" and as Betty Jones in the detective drama "Barnaby Jones". She also made numerous appearances in many of the hot TV series of the 60's like "Star Trek", "Land Of Giants" and "Mission: Impossible". Fun fact: as a 19-year-old drama student from California, she was crowned Miss America in 1954, the year of the first live telecast, and was the first to cry tears of joy at the announcement.
Ms Meriwether still keeps a quite active acting career and she recently was cast a recurring character on TV soap "All My Children".



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