Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Attack Of The Guidos

I am not too sure where to start... The hair gel? The eyebrows? The fake tan? The cheap International Male wardrobe? The pout?
The Guido is an American institution born in New Jersey in the mid 90's. It has spread across the country and seems that won't go away. The Gotti kids are their poster boys and there are many sites that proclaim love to all things Guido. Even at my gym here in Florida I spotted 3 Guidos just last night - dead serious! You don't actually need to know them to hate them. The whole Guido-Stance (pout + squinty eye) is too Zoolander to be taken seriously but still I wouldn't want to hang with them - ever! Their whole look seems like a diluted version of discarded gay fashions and trends from the past decade - and probably unbeknown to their macho fronts - they look SO gay!


BosGuy said...

I did not know you were recently in East Boston or was it Revere? I can never tell the two apart.


Pumpkin Man said...

Hey Rob!!
Scary sight, huh? These guys are all over the place, so it seems!! I also call them palookas...
Thanks for the visit!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hype BR said...

Tha's soooo funny! By far one of the worst trends or even "lifestyles" ever! Great post! I'm still laughing hard at the pictures!

ragamufyn said...

i think i've seen a few of them myself.

they definitely like to hang at the gym.