Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tony Ward @ Vogue Hommes International

Model/actor Tony Ward in the latest issue of Vogue Homme International, shot by Jack Pierson. Ward started modelling in the early 80's having made several iconic collaborations with late photographer Herb Ritts, then also new to the business. He gained notoriety by dating Madonna and appearing in several of her videos including "Cherish" (merman!), "Erotica" and "Justify My Love". His acting debut came via Bruce Labruce's 1996 "Hustler White" which Ward plays the very risque title character.
I once ran across Tony Ward in LA's Waco store a few years ago. He had in tow this adorable half-Asian child, that I assumed was his daughter. He looked great though he didn't seem as tall as I'd envisioned him. He looked very "LA": jeans/T-shirt combo, gruff and unshaven. Hot!

Images via Tony

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Alan said...

If only I was 1/10th as fabulous as this guy. He's very cool.