Monday, April 28, 2008

Elvis Bath Robe

When we think of the "King" many of us remember the unforgettable white "American Eagle" jumpsuit designed by Gene Doucette that he famously wore during his Aloha from Hawaii music concert. The show was broadcast live via satellite around the world on January 14, 1973. Over 1 billion people around the world watched and it was the first concert of it's kind!
The Suit has become the preferred outfit of Elvis tribute acts and impersonators the world over. But If you're not a Elvis tribute act yet fancy stepping into the shoes of the King from time to time, the Elvis Bath Robe is a great compromise between Elvis style and practicality . Now you can emulate the King of Rock and Roll in this awesome dressing gown based on the design of the original 'American Eagle Jumpsuit'.
One size fits most - Elvis Presley Bath Robe - £49.95

Available at PrezzyBox

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