Friday, April 18, 2008

Pornochanchada - Brazilian Sexploitation Movies Of The 70's - Round 3

Digging through my many unused saved folders I came across these great pornochanchada posters that I never got to post here. I had done two very cool posts last year ( Round 1 and Round 2 ) on these nostalgic soft-porn movies but for whatever reason failed to publish the rest of my "research". I think they are grand!


Alan said...

It's always amusing to me that a lot of movies feature young hot women with ugly middle-aged men getting them.

Pumpkin Man said...

But that's the whole point! They feature hot young women with average/older/dumpy guys, just like in straight porn, so one can fantasize that they could also attain that girl.
Didn't they put Jack Black as romantic lead against Katie Hudson recently?