Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cool Florida Warehouse Murals

One of the things that I miss most about being in Rio de Janeiro or even in the American Northeast is coming across expressions of street art in unexpected places. I love graffiti art and unless I am in Miami I don't seem to see it much around where I recently moved to. Everything here looks either very 1920's Spanish architecture or brand new faux-modern constructions, with very little room for cool art. I don't mean "graffiti vandalism" but just cool public sculptures, inventive murals or even a random graffiti tag around a construction site wall.
I was in awe when I spotted this amazing mural by the train tracks in West Palm beach. This block long warehouse on Clare Avenue was completely camouflaged in eye-popping colors and made me pull over and do some illegal "trespassing" to be able to photograph it all the way around. I actually had to walk along the train tracks in a completely deserted Sunday afternoon and I was just expecting some baseball bat-wielding gang to pop up from behind a dumpster and bash me. There is an antique Chinese art store that stores many of their statues outside as you can see and I was surprised that by simply walking behind the building (though I was not really supposed to) you could have access to them - and no one seems to bother stealing them.
After doing some online research I dug some info here in The NY Times:

"Jorge Pardo, the Los Angeles-based Cuban artist, has painted the largest canvas of his career: the 40,000-square-foot facade of a former warehouse at 1016 Clare Avenue in West Palm Beach, Fla. The building, below, is a sales office for 550Q, a condominium being built nearby. Mr. Pardo created the mural on a computer and supervised painters from Sole Scenic in Orlando, who finished it this month."

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