Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walking Dog Balloons

I just love these Walking Dog Balloons! They are such a cool and exciting idea and will be a hit with both kids and adults - sure to bring a smile to the face! They come in three heart warming varieties – an adorable pug, a darling dachshund and a remarkable retriever. A virtual pet for every household that definitely doesn't need feeding and is extremely well house trained! The magic of the Dog Balloons is their ability to walk. They have been balanced perfectly so that when filled with helium they float just above the ground with their little feet dangling to the floor. When you gently walk with them, pulling the lead, their little legs and feet appear to walk giving a super fun, realistic K9 look. The balloons will come out to you flat - all you need to do is take them to a shop that sells Helium gas and they will fill them up for a small fee - Party shops, florists, toy shops - you get the idea. Each balloon can be refilled up to a maximum of 3 times. They are £5.95 each and available here.


Marie said...

Ruff! I think that I'll opt for the little pug. Yet another groovy post pumkin man!

Tiffany said...

I just wanted to say thank you. You gave me an awesome idea. I’ve been planning a house warming party. Well it’s not exactly a house warming party because we have lived here for over 3 years but we did just build an addition onto the house and because of that I decided to plan a party. So it’s kind of an addition warming party. Anyways, thanks to suggestions from other bloggers I have come up with some wonderful ideas. One blogger suggested a website called to order my invitations, so that’s where I went. I’ve also received suggestions of website to visit from countless others, but while I was on the internet today doing some research I ran across you post about these balloons and I must say it again, thank you. I have 5 dogs and they are kids to me. Most of the time during the BBQ’s we have the guests ignore the dogs. So this time I have been trying to come up with ideas on how to get the guests to at least pay a little attention to the dogs. That’s when I came up with the idea to use dogs as the decorating theme. It has been going well. I’ve ordered a lot of the supplies that I need. I was able to find quite a few things on the internet such as regular balloons with dog foot prints on them, and even streamers with dogs and dog paw prints on them. Now I plan on visiting the website you suggested and ordering some of those “walking dog balloons”. I really believe that they will help to capture the guest’s attention. I’ve still got lots of research to do, and a lot more dog themed decorations to find. So again, thanks for the idea!!