Monday, April 07, 2008

Murakami & Louis Vuiiton @ Brooklyn Museum

Eva Herzigova and Marc Jacobs by a stall of Louis Vuitton bags outside fake street displays at the Brooklyn Museum during the gala opening of the Takashi Murakami retrospective.

Takashi Murakami's authentic Louis Vuitton bags outside on street displays at the Brooklyn Museum. The artist himself, below.


Aretha said...

Pumpkin man, I love what you've done to this blog! It's so cool now, the colors, design, everything!
PS Eva Herzigova looks totally like a guy in that first pic (even more than Marc Jacobs hehehe)
Big kisses

Pumpkin Man said...

Thank you Aretha! You're always so sweet!
I wish I had your journalist talents baby and could write the way you do. Vogue awaits you!!!

My best,

Pumpkin Man