Friday, April 25, 2008

Saved By The Bell - The Slater T-Shirt Collection

I have to confess that 80's sitcom "Saved By The Bell" was never a favorite of mine - bad acting, bad fashion, bad plots... But as true nostalgia lover I can't help to succumb to the charm of these "homage" T-shirts to SBTB's Latino resident-hunk AC Slater - better known now as "Dancing With The Stars" hottie Mario Lopez. He has come a long way from that curly mullet and has even showed his muscle-y bottom on TV's "Nip/Tuck" a couple of seasons ago, but still that dimply smile is quite irresistible so get yourself a Slater tee and show him some love, will'ya?

''Black Slater" - US$20.00
"Don't Be A Slater Hater." US$20.00
Both available at 80'

"It's hot, turn up the AC" - US$18.00
Available at CrazyDogTshirts

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