Monday, April 28, 2008

100 Thousand People Can't Be Wrong

Yesterday Little-Pumpkins reached the 100K visitors milestone!
The blog humbly started last August and considering that my focus isn't nudity or celebrity gossip I think L-P is doing pretty well so far. Visitor traffic is up & down, though not a major personal concern - as I stated in the past this is a "labour of love" (how sappy!) not a money-making venture. The ads on the sidebar (soon to be removed) were put there mainly as a decorative effect, but as I have no control of what pops up I am not always too happy with them.
I thank my web pals for the many links and mentions - and specially to the many hundred daily visitors. Expect many more sassy, groovy, funky posts in the future!

My best,

Pumpkin Man

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