Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel: Holly Talks

So you thought I was all done with MMASM? Not yet, buddies! Holly Kizer just gave an exclusive interview to Papermag and here's the complete transcript:

Holly Kiser, the newly-crowned Audrey-Hepburn-esque winner of Bravo’s surprise hit Make Me a Supermodel, is feeling good. Only a few months ago, the Virginia native was living in Miami with her fiancĂ© and trying to recover after being dropped from her modeling agency, who claimed she “couldn’t take a good picture.” Well her former agency is probably kicking itself now because Holly’s picture perfect look won her a contract with New York Model Management, $100,000 and a spread in GQ. We recently got a hold of Miss Holly to chat about her recent win.

Blaire Huntley: All my friends are super jealous that I'm interviewing you right now. We all loved the show!
Holly Kiser: Awww!

BH: What are you doing now that the show has ended?
HK: Well I just came home to Miami. Now I'm in L.A., but I move up to New York soon.

BH: So you're not going back to Miami?
HK: No, I'm over Miami! I want to start working in New York as soon as possible. The 13th I think I’m going up there.

BH: You had mentioned before in a video diary that you wanted to give your $100,000 check to your parents. Did you really give it to them?
HK: Yeah, I'm giving the money to my mom to her pay off her credit cards bills, because she's supported me financially. And this just proves that she really believed me. But, say, if I needed something for my apartment, if I needed an outfit to go to a casting -– she would take care of it. My parents are always there.

BH: They always called you the emotional one in the house. Do feel you've changed in terms of developing a thick skin?
HK: I just feel like I'm the type of person that just wears my heart on my sleeve. People just don't know that what I feel at the time is exactly what I'm feeling. If I'm feeling sad, you know I'm sad; if I'm feeling happy, then you know I'm happy. I don't know -- it worked in my favor I guess. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that's just who I am.

BH: What do you think was the hardest challenge on the show?
HK: Well, all of the challenges were hard, but I guess the hardest physical challenge would probably be the snake challenge because I had bronchitis and I'm very afraid of snakes and it was 17 degrees! And there were just all these difficult things. Plus, just being away from your family! If you had a rough day you couldn’t go back and tell them about it.

BH: You were the lone girl for a while there. How did you deal with all the testosterone in the house?
HK: It's so crazy. I don't know! If I hadn't won, it still would have been a huge accomplishment in itself right there, being the last girl in the competition. It’s a great honor, it really is.

BH: Who did you get along with best in the house?
HK: Stephanie was my best friend in the house. She was totally there for me and we confided in each other. When I won she was totally bawling her eyes out! She was so proud of me! It just proves that you can make friends even in these types of competitions.

BH: So, my final question is more for me. Do you think you could get Tyson Beckford's number for me?
HK: Haha! Oh my God! I don’t know Tyson’s phone number, but I probably will be calling him with a lot of questions!

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