Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eboy Wrapping Paper @ Nineteenseventythree

My fellow blogger pal Deemer at Paki Pop Tart sent me this really cool link that he thought I would enjoy and he was so right!
UK-based design company Nineteenseventythree sells the most amazing wrapping paper and gift cards that I have seen in a long time, through collaborations with up-to-the-minute artists and illustrators. They are also a "green company" using recycled papers and aiding in reforestation programs, that adds many points in my book.
One of my favorite designs was Eboy's printed wrapping papers that are good enough to frame in my opinion. They feature really cool pixellated colorful cityscapes and funky characters, retailing for £1.80 per silk paper sheet. Love it!


Deemer said...

Hi there! I didn't notice the Eboy wrapping paper when I browed that site, but looking at it here, I LOVE it! The funny thing about sharing this website with you is that I found it from just clicking some of your links. ( :

Anyway, thanks for the link you left me, I found it very interesting. Maybe I will blog about it when I have some time. Take care!

Pumpkin Man said...

You are more than welcome web-bud!
Keep an eye out for me and I will do the same here!!!

My best,