Friday, April 18, 2008

Dita Von Teese @ New York Academy Of Art Celebration

Dita Von Teese attending the New York Academy of Art celebration of 25 years with ‘Take Home A Nude’ at Phillips de Pury and Company on April 16th, looking as GORGEOUS as ever.
I actually had a dream about Dita two nights ago, serious. She was caught in a surveillance camera killing this guy on a dark Gotham-city-like street by swinging this guy up & down, like Bam Bam. She would move about on a motorcycle wearing a Wonder Woman outfit (it was a dream, people) with a long red cape and she also had two hot female goons with her. I went to her fabulous apartment to let her know that I had just seen that on TV and soon the police would be there to arrest her. I help her pack a suitcase and was so worried that she had to flee soon. I also worried about all her beautiful clothing and collectables and what would happen to them once the police arrived. She was wearing black satin ballet shoes by the way and kept her feet on point the whole time. Then I woke up.


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