Monday, April 28, 2008

Julianne Moore @ Vogue Paris May 2008

Ageless beauty Julianne Moore looking gorgeous on the cover of the new May 2008 issue of French Vogue. The actress has been around for a while but only seems to get more beautiful each time I see her. She has the type of career that has to be the envy of many Hollywood female stars as her bold choices set her way apart from the "In Style" crowd. These pictures are so sexy and clearly done for an European publication. When would you see an American Vogue cover looking this audacious? Never! The current issue of "our" Vogue brings Gwyneth Paltrow looking more like a bad wax-version of herself (they do love their Photoshop in the US) and that is quite bizarre to me and everyone else, wouldn't you say?


Mikkle said...

oo yes she is fabulous! only problem, her face looks the same in both pics... hope she show some variety in the spread

Alan said...

She's got great bags.