Thursday, April 03, 2008

Re-Ment Miniature Food


Puchi Petites are scaled miniatures of everyday items produced by Japan's Re-Ment company. These kawaii-licious collectibles will surprise you with their ultra-realistic, to-scale reproductions of everyday food items and objects. They are perfect for dollhouses or for the true toy fanatic that loves to build sets and dioramas with their favorite "action figures" and limited-edition toy art.
This Asian art form that has taken Japan by storm is now available for the first time in the United States through their website. These miniatures are fun collectibles you’ll treasure for years to come and are just too cute to ignore. Each piece is hand-painted, so every feature is shown to perfection. You’ll marvel at the incredible craftsmanship, which captures items with detail rarely seen—right down to individual slices of green pepper for your pizza and ice cubes that come out of the tray. Puchi Petites will also remind you of your own childhood, bringing back that sense of childlike wonder you felt when entering the world of your imagination. They are one heartwarming piece after another that scream: Nostalgic! Nostalgic! Nostalgic!
One cool feature on Re-Ment's site is the user gallery "Fun Room", where Puchi Petite's fans display their own mini-sets and diorama creations, featuring Barbies, Blythes and Godzillas interacting with some really cool faux-food products. I love them all!!

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