Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dita Von Teese @ MGM Grand's Las Vegas

Oh Dita, how could I have forgotten you? I had this post ready to go almost a full week ago and somehow it slipped my mind and never went online. I tend to prep anywhere from 3-5 posts a day and place them on the blog as I see fit but sometimes, specially after a weekend, they get piled up and whatever is oldest stays at the bottom of the list. I save images and articles in drafts and finish them the day I post them so they remain relevant, FYI.
"Love-of-my-life Dita Von Teese caught in Vegas at the MGM Grand's Crazy Horse auditions this week looking as flawless as ever. Doesn't she looks great in purple? Actually she would look great in a burlap sack, not that she would ever wear one, unless it was a vintage-looking burlap sack."
Click images to enlarge, so to savour every inch of her beauty!


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