Friday, March 28, 2008

New Racial Controversy: Vogue & King Kong?

This is the first time a black man appears on the cover of America Vogue and the instead of applauding the magazine for the milestone some critics already found a way of turning it into a racial controversy. Maybe it's because of the turbulent times of election year and Barack Obama's eminent nomination but allusions to the movie King Kong are already circulating the web. The nay-sayers accuse NBA star LeBron James of being portrayed in an aggressive gorilla-stance, arms apart and hunched over, mouth agape showing his teeth, while embracing the Caucasian and delicate Brazilian super-dupper-model Giselle Bundchen. Critics will find a way to stir up trouble and see evil in the most remote place or innocent of actions, so it always seem. The more I look at the King Kong posters the more I see the similarities but I don't believe that was photographer Annie Leibovitz's or Anna Wintour's hidden agenda as after all this is Vogue magazine people! It's not a tabloid or some exploitative/funny publication.
I wish they had nixed this LeBron (who?) guy - that has as much to do with Vogue as Andre Leon Talley has to do with Sports Illustrated - and had Giselle in the strong arms of her hunk Tom Brady. That would have been a GREAT Vogue cover and he wouldn't have been compared to a white gorilla.

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Alan said...

Blah, blah, blah. I do not think or feel that this photo resembles King Kong. They are both HOT and they look good together. Imagine how freaked out everyone would be if they were making out in the picture! That'd be hot and I'd buy it.