Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wonder Woman x Catwoman: Then & Now

TV's beloved Wonder Woman, actress Lynda Carter in an image taken this week. She is still glorious at 56, as gorgeous as ever. I remember being a kid and gawking at Wonder Woman on TV thinking how could anyone be so beautiful. Every so often I catch her on the telly doing some bit part in one of the many series on American TV or at a made-for-cable movie.
Below we see actress Julie Newmar, at 74, also during an event this past week. She played the original and hottest Catwoman ever, in the campy Batman TV series in the late 60's. Sadly she does not look as elegant and poised as this other former Catwoman as her outfit of choice is very inappropriate for her age. Considering is 74 she does look fab (thanks doctor!) but still not as her fans would like to remember her.

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Alan said...

Both are beautiful still.